song of the week // 24/7 by the neighbourhood


the song — mellow & melodious

this track come out around a year ago on their ep titled hard, but i still listen to it on repeat for days and days because it is just THAT song. 24/7 is by an american pop band called the neighbourhood (you probably know them from their 2013 hit single sweater weather), who’s lead vocalist is jesse rutherford. i particularly like the electronic sounds they’ve been experimenting with, which is quite different to the songs on their previous eps and albums. so what is 24/7 really about? well it’s a story of two individuals growing up in separate parts of country and falling hopelessly in love with one another. rutherford tells and reassures his partner that he will always be there for her through thick and thin. he says that she can pick up the phone and call to him to talk about any difficulties or problems she’s facing at anytime of the day, the repetition of “24/7” in the catchy chorus greatly emphasises on this. overall, 24/7 is the perfect chill song to get you through a monday morning or a rather dull rainy day. if you liked this track some more ones by the neighbourhood i’m sure you’d enjoy include sadderdaze, r.i.p. 2 my youth and afraid.

click here to listen to it

thanks for reading xx


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