my bucket list

things i want to do within my lifetime !!!!!

  1. visit 50 countries (currently been to about 15).
  2. complete a 10k run or half marathon (maybe a marathon or triathlon?).
  3. learn a martial arts form.
  4. go to a horror movie alone (silly but still want to experience it).
  5. join a dance team or any club of my interest.
  6. publish a book that i’m proud of.
  7. be able cook a full meal by myself in different cuisines.
  8. do a colour run.
  9. learn how to use the diablo or juggle 3-4 balls.
  10. go skydiving and bungee jumping.
  11. get a 1800 chess rating (i think i’m at around 1150 so it will take a while).
  12. direct a short film.
  13. reach 1,000+ followers and 5,000+ views on this blog.
  14. go ice-skating on real ice.
  15. travel to antarctica and south america (only continents i haven’t been to!).
  16. solve a rubiks cube.
  17. build an app and put it up on the app store.
  18. see the northern lights.
  19. go a month without my phone, the internet and any electronic device.
  20. become fluent in chinese and hindi.
  21. pass all my gcses (i really hope so LOL).
  22. take part in a debate competition and do well in it.
  23. visit all 50 states in the us.
  24. attend a music festival (either coachella or lollapalooza).
  25. get a double helix ear piercing.
  26. learn a programming language (java or python in particular).
  27. crowd surf at a concert or any other event.
  28. get a meaningful tattoo.
  29. climb a volcano or trek a major mountain.
  30. see troye perform live (meeting and talking to him would be ideal too).
  31. build a snowman.
  32. be able to do a handstand, cartwheel and the splits.
  33. try fancy expensive food like caviar and truffles.
  34. read 30 books in a month.
  35. get a national ranking in tennis.
  36. enjoy whatever job i have and be passionate about it.
  37. scuba dive or snorkel in the great barrier reef.
  38. float in the dead sea.
  39. ride on the fastest, longest and largest rollercoasters in the world.
  40. be happy and fulfilled!!!

these are only the goals i could remember of the top go my head, there are many more i hope to accomplish in the future! but i would honestly be content if i managed to do even half of list in my lifetime. thanks for reading xx


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