song of the week // tootimetootimetootime by the 1975

the song — cheeky & captivating

tootimetootimetootime is a song about an unfaithful relationship where both sides don’t seem too committed to each other. it also largely focuses on how the development of technology and social media can impact and pressure relationships. an example of this is the line “she said that i, i should have liked it – i told her i only use it sometimes” which most likely refers to instagram. the phrase suggests that one partner is hurt that their significant other didn’t like the photo they posted. this clearly demonstrates what a massive effect social media has on our lives and self esteem in this day and age, as we’re arguing with our family and friends over silly things like an instagram picture. a different aspect this tune explores is how efficient it is to connect with people through social media and as a result easily juggle multiple relationships on it at the same time. another jam that is the polar opposite to this song is location by khalid, where the artist wants their interaction to only be in real life and not online to avoid all these unnecessary issues. but even though the song is about quite an important topic, it doesn’t fail to have a fun and playful vibe to it. the chorus is especially upbeat and catchy, a certified bop in my eyes (or ears?)!

click here to listen to it

thanks for reading xx


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