songs i’ve had on repeat #2

  1. revelation by troye sivan, jonsi – written for the coming-of-age film boy erased based on a memoir by garrard conley of the same name, about a young man who is sent to attend a gay conversion therapy program. the song is so gentle and beautiful. please watch the movie when it comes out (november 2 in the us) it is so important that we’re aware and educated on the prejudice against members of the lgbtqia+ community in places all around the world.
  2. drew barrymore by bryce vine – it’s simply just catchy and groovy. i have to thank spotify (scroll down to the end of one of your playlists to find a collection of tunes spotify has especially curated for you!) for blessing me with this bop.
  3. run by lany – wow paul really snapped huh? this song is about his ex (dua lipa) and he’s being brutally honest. the hurt, anger and frustration that an individual feels when heartbroken is portrayed well through the instrumentals.
  4. dreaming of you by cigarettes after sex – greg gonzalez’s delicate feminine voice is incredibly soothing. i get literal chills every time i listen to this song, truly ear candy. it’s the sort of track for a rainy day or late night reflection session.
  5. 1999 by charli xcx, troye sivan – a bit whacky but boy am i in love with this collaboration. charli is so full of life and the music video is pretty bizarre as well (tons of throwbacks). also troye rapping?! something i never knew i needed in my life, but i’m now looking forward to more of it in the future.

also woah i’ve been gone for just a bit under a month? once again i’m still sorting out my schedule in terms of school and extra curricular activities and i’m so sorry for all the inconsistency. hopefully this will get better over the next few weeks, but i can’t make any promises. anyway, thanks for reading xx


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